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The missions of the CCMOAA are:

1. Benefit the members of the uniformed services, their families and survivors.

2. Advocate for a strong national defense while providing needed support to the community and its members.

3. Fundraise for JROTC cadet scholarships from Cape Coral high schools.

4. Donate to Pride and Patriotism and veterans organizations.

5. Tracking legislation that affects veterans and contacting our legislators to voice our concerns. 

The purposes of CCMOAA are:

1. Promote camaraderie and congeniality among current, former and retired leaders of our nation's armed forces.

2. Support the Military Officers Association of America in securing equitable treatment and earned rights and benefits for service members of all components and ranks - past, present, and future.

3. Continue to serve our community and nation by helping our best and brightest young men and women to become America's future military leaders.

We were chartered in 1968 and currently have 49 members.

We serve these Florida zip codes: 33904  33909  33910  33914  33915  33920  33922  33930  33935  33944  33945  33956  33975  33990  33991  33993.

CCMOAA publishes our monthly newsletter, THE CALUSA COMMUNICATOR, except in June, July, and August. Past editions can be found here

History - The Calusa ("fierce people") were descendants of Paleo-Indians that dominated the southwest coast of Florida. Their reign ended around the 1800's. Also known as "The Shell People", they used sea shells to build foundations such as Mound Key in Estero Bay.