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It Was Kismet…and We All Win (or is it WNZF?)


Listening to the evening’s speaker, members attending the January 24 MOAA dinner meeting realized we have yet another reason to love living in Flagler County—Flagler Broadcasting, LLC. 

Strategic marketing is second nature to David Ayres, Vice President and General Manager of Flagler Broadcasting, LLC; he just knows when something’s right. Like the day when he came to Flagler County to purchase and “flip” a radio station. He did a quick market assessment, found that the community had unmet broadcasting needs, and was in it for the long haul. 

In 2008, Ayres saw that Flagler County, long dependent on Orlando, Jacksonville and Daytona Beach for local information, was hungry to know about happenings in the local community. He purchased WNZF News Radio (1550 AM and 106.3 FM) and, after more than a modicum of success, added Beach (92.7 FM) in 2009, where we never hear the same song twice in a day. Following on that success, Ayres invested in easy oldies (KOOL 100.9 FM), and added KIX Country (98.7 FM) to reach the myriad local country-western fans. And to serve those in St. Augustine with similar needs, added St. Augustine’s Beach radio (105.5 FM), his latest foray. 

Perhaps one of Ayres’ favorite offerings is his Free for All Fridays where, on Friday mornings, Ayres himself hosts various local guests who discuss items of interest for our communities, upcoming events and community concerns in a coffee shop/café format. Notes Ayres, “It’s called ‘Free for All Fridays’ because you invite a number of guests to the station, they talk about items of importance to themselves, and you never know what they’re going to say or what topics they’re going to bring up.”

Bringing events to the local community is of paramount importance to Ayres. One of those events of which he’s most proud is the yearly Freedom Fest, set around Veterans Day, where in 2016 he was proud to help local veterans organizations bring to Flagler County The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall®.

According to Ayres, over 125,000 persons listen to the stations of Flagler Broadcasting, LLC. With the company’s mobile app, over 35,000 stream in.  “Radio is resilient,” he emphasizes.

Concluding his presentation, Ayres mentioned the impact Flagler Broadcasting, LLC brings to the Flagler County community. With its national advertising, the company infuses over one million dollars a year into the local economy. Then there’s local advertising, which has a substantial effect on the health and welfare of local businesses. And, according to Ayres, “…the money pretty much stays right here in our community.” With Flagler Broadcasting, LLC, we all win.

Check out Flagler Broadcasting’s various offerings at