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Our Mission --Continued Service

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Ø  To inculcate and stimulate love of country and flag

Ø  To defend the honor, integrity, and supremacy of the Constitution of the United States

Ø  To advocate military forces adequate to the defense of our country

Ø  To foster the integrity and prestige of uniformed service

Ø  To foster fraternal relations among all branches of the various services from which our members are drawn; to further the education of the children of our service personnel

Ø  To aid active and retired personnel of the various services from which our members are drawn, and their families and survivors, in every proper and legitimate manner, and to represent their rights and interests when service matters are under consideration

We are united to form the Military Officers Association of America


For friends, our youth, and our fellow veterans, we active duty and former officers have come together to provide support, information, and fellowship to those whom we pledge to serve.  We continue to serve by expressing the needs of our veterans and youth to our representatives.  And we continue in our oath to defend the Constitution, especially from the domestic enemies of ignorance, self-service, and abandoned principles.

Our service lies in grass roots advocacy to ensure and protect veterans’ benefits and in the mutual support of private veterans programs here in our community, including service to surviving spouses of veterans.  Our fundraising efforts support programs such as those assisting homeless veterans, veterans’ art, and the Honor Flight.  Funds are also used to support the JROTC chapters at Clearwater High School and Dunedin High School, awarding college scholarships to each program annually.

Through our website, our speaker’s program, and our newsletter, The Drumbeat, we keep our members informed of vital issues being considered by our legislators and administrators.

Our fellowship is expressed monthly at our membership meetings and special events.

Please Join us in our Continued Service        

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