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Florida Council of Chapters, an affiliate of The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), is a dynamic organization of more than 10,000 active, retired, and former officers of the uniformed services. The Council was chartered on November 18, 1970 with 20 Chapters and Clubs and now includes 42 Chapters from the Florida Panhandle to the Florida Keys. Many of the groups also have Wives' Clubs that function alongside the MOAA Chapters and Clubs.

The Council serves its Chapters and Clubs by means of Council officers' visits to the organizations, a Council newsletter Communiqué, an electronic mail net (e-mail), a Web Site, quarterly Board meetings, annual Leadership Seminar, and an annual Convention. The strength of the Council lies in the active participation in Council and Chapter/Club activities by the members and surviving spouses.

Our Mission

MOAA and the FCOC are non-partisan, non-profit 501c(19) organizations, and exist to improve the awareness, life style, and overall environment of its affiliate member chapters; support and serve member chapters; influence the political process in matters pertaining to active duty, retired and former military personnel; and enhance the image of America’s uniformed services in our local communities.

MOAA Action

Editorial Policy

The Florida Council of Chapters and it's Chapters are nonpartisan in the content that is published on our website, MOAAFL.ORG. Information presented is for both the public and members of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) in support of our military members. Our organization focuses on the protection of benefits for our service members and in keeping with a strong military.

Privacy Policy

Membership in MOAA and the Chapters is open to any Active Duty, Retired or Former officers or Surviving Spouse from those services shown below.

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