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6/8/2020  COVID 19 LlNKS

5/21/2020  Possible Tax Scam

5/8/2020  COVID-19 FACTS

5/4/2020  Tricare copayments and Ruskin test site

4/15/2020  I.D. Cards

2/25/2020  Veterans need VHIC for in-person Commissary, Military Exchange, MWR access

2/24/2020  MacDill Military Clinic Will No Longer Serve Retirees, Families

2/11/2020  Trump's budget plan calls for another increase in VA spending

1/4/2020  National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin

12/17/2019  Senate passes Veterans Treatment Courts Coordination Act of 2019
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Coronavirus Scams


Beware of Scams Connected to the Coronavirus Crisis

    In a time of uncertainty, there is a heightened risk of falling victim to scams concocted by those with ill intent. For cybercriminals and scammers, the coronavirus crisis creates an attentive audience who may be willing to accept false information in order to protect themselves from perceived risks.

   Arm yourself not only against the virus, but against other threats, by learning how to detect them first with tips from the Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID).

   For information on the various scams and how to avoid  them click on Coronavirus Scams