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2/11/2020  Trump's budget plan calls for another increase in VA spending

1/4/2020  National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin

12/17/2019  Senate passes Veterans Treatment Courts Coordination Act of 2019
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VA Coronavirus treatment


Here's What Will Happen if the VA Runs Out of Space for Patients

The VA is beginning to divide its inpatient units into two zones to separate non-infectious patients from those with novel coronavirus, officials said. And when the need arises, as the new phased plan predicts it will, officials plan to discharge non-critical patients and even build new facilities.

The plan is part of a four-phased pandemic response blueprint released Friday, weeks after the VA was critized for not publicly disclosing its plan to help veterans and the federal government respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The VA is currently in Phase 2, "Initial Response," which means staff are focusing on mitigating local or regional outbreaks by creating two zones.

Phase 3 is when the condition becomes drastic -- patient demand surpasses the VA's capability or supply chain. All routine care will be reduced or stopped at VA medical facilities, and the VA staff will then begin using other spaces like an outlying ward or field hospital to take in veterans and possibly the civilian public.  Click here for full story:

VA coronavirus plan